Your Impact

Partnered with Dr. Snow @ Beyond Healing Counseling and Wellness Center for free Mental Health Treatment add web link for Beyond Healing

Every penny you give to Circle of Love does wonders

1. Healing Hearts: Your donation helps families who are feeling very sad because of gun violence. With your support, they can talk to special people (counselors) who listen to their worries and help them feel better.

2. Building Friendships: With your kindness, we can hold events where families meet others who understand their pain. These gatherings let them make friends, share stories, and feel less alone in their journey.

3. Spreading Knowledge: Part of your gift helps us teach others about the hurt gun violence causes. By doing this, more people can understand, care, and help make changes for a safer world.

4. Growing the Circle: Your contributions allow us to reach even more families in need. The bigger our Circle of Love becomes, the stronger and more caring our community grows.

In short, every time you donate, you’re not just giving money—you’re giving hope, love, and a brighter future. Your gift has the power to change lives, and we’re so grateful for your heart and generosity.


Together, we strengthen our collective journey towards healing and hope for Everyone.

Why Give?

Every gift has the power to heal and uplift. Dive deep into 'Why Give' and see how your generosity can light up a path of hope.