Charting a path of healing and unity, Rooted in empathy, our mission paves the way for collective recovery. Ensuring that no family walks their journey of healing alone

Brief & Direct

Circle of Love is rooted in a single, driving purpose. Empowering families affected by gun violence and homicide. At the core of our mission lies the profound belief in the healing power of community. By coming together, sharing stories, and lending a helpiing hand, we create a circle that radiates hope and support. Every family deserves to heal, rebuild and find peace.

Through our united efforts, we strive to be the beacon of strength for them.

Emotive & Inspirational

Amidst the shadows of tragedy, Circle of Love emerges as a beacon of hope for families impacted by gun violence and homicide. Our mission is not just about support; it’s about lighting the flame of hope healing, and unity in every heart we touch. We deeply understand the pain and sorrow these families face, and it’s our honor to walk beside them on their journey toward healing. Each story shared, each tear shed, strengthens our resolve to build a community of understanding and compassion.

Together, we transform pain into purpose.

Descriptive & Comprehensive

Circle of Love stands unwavering beside families touched by the profound tragedy of gun violence and homicide. Our mission envelopes more than just offering solace: its about providing tangible resources, heartfelt support and a nurturing community that truly understands the path of healing. Our commitment runs deep , ensuring that no one feels isolated or alone during their times of struggle. By uniting families under a shared vision, we hope to foster an environment where collective healing and growth are not just possible but inevitable.

Together, we remember, we heal, and we move forward.


At the heart of Circle of Love lies a dynamic and unwavering mission: to forge community bonds that actively support and uplift families navigating the aftermath of gun violence and homicide. We’re not just bystanders; we’re proactive pillars of support, working tirelessly to bring about positive change. Through events, resources and outreach, we strive to be a constant presence in the lives of those seeking solace. We believe in the transformative power of community actions. Every day we’re commited to making a tangible difference.

Together we act, we support, we rebuild.


Circle of Love is built on the unwavering belief in the transformative strength of community. Every family, every individual who has felt the sting of gun violence and homicide, deserve a place of understanding and solidarity. Our mission is to be that haven, where support flows freely, and healing begins in earnest. By connecting families with similar experiences, we force powerful bonds of understanding and resilience. 

Through unity,  compassion and shared experiences , we pave a path of collective healing.


Circle of Love is more than just a support system. It’s a vision for a world where the anguish of gun violence and homicide is met with unwavering, encompassing support. Every step we take is towards creating and environment where families find not just solace, but also strength in shared experiences . We dream of a world where the aftermath of such tragedies is faced not in isolation, but with collective might of a loving community. Our mission is ambitious, but with every family we support. We come one step closer to tuning this vision into reality.

Together, we support, dream and transcend. 


Together, we strengthen our collective journey towards healing and hope for Everyone.

Why Give?

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