Trauma & Grief Information

Circle Of Love NWI Trauma & Grief Support Group

Losing a loved one in such a tragic way causes physical and mental stress that takes a toll. While there are many things to attend to in such a time of distress, what is happening within oneself may fall lower on the list of priorities. It is extremely important to understand and attune yourself to what is happening within your mind and body. There is a wide range of symptoms that may seem confusing or debilitating, here are some links that explain trauma and grief.

This has information about navigating the criminal justice system, emotional support for survivors, and Financial support for survivors of gun violence.

This website has various information for gun violence survivors such as:

Understanding your needs, how to find a mental health professional and questions you should ask, information about Employee Assistance program, various crisis hotline numbers, and support groups such as Parents of Murdered Children.

211 is also a resource mentioned on this site.  You can call 211 and or enter 211 online.  You then search by zipcode, and can filter by needs.